Weapon(s) Shovel
Other Information
Gender Male
Occupation Mercenary
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 81

Douglas, better known as the General, is a mercenary and like Veronica Yuminowa he is a member of the secret organization known as "The Knights".


Douglas is a big bald man with the typical military uniform and an eyepatch on his left eye.


The General first appears along with his task force after Joukyuu Kunitoshi defection from the organization. Once in the castle he immediately show interest for Bull and put him into a rigid military training to make him the perfect soldier. Later he along with Gouta fight Joukyuu but they are both defeated and he's carried unconscious by Bull back at the castle. Once awakened he first pity himself for the defeat and later along with Bull starts a special training to defeat Joukyuu.

When Joukyuu's group attack the castle he immediately takes Bull with him and start searching for Joukyuu only to found and fight Balboa and Kageyasu Akemi. While overpowering them the General notes Joukyuu on the wall of the castle and after saving a falling Gouta the two and Bull start to fight Joukyuu until Veronica appears and knock the General unconscious to fight Joukyuu alone.

Regaining his senses the General and Bull go to the armory to take the explosives to defeat Joiukyuu's group but they are betrayed by Catacomb who shoot the General in the back. Bull then attack Catacomb who dispatches him quickly but gives the General the chance to attack with his shovel severing his arm and mortally injuring Catacomb. Before dying Catacomb activates the bombs around the castle and just when Bull was trying to save him the General sacrifices himself to save Bull's life and throw him away. Despite the explosion of the castle the General is later revealed to be still alive.


Douglas is an expert fighter whose weapon choice is a giant bladed shovel. In battle he uses his shovel both to throw the mud to his opponents with sometimes some bombs inside the mud and also to use it like a spear to close quarter combat. Despite being easily defeated by Joukyuu in reality he is quite strong, being able to overpower both Balboa and Kageyasu simultaneously.


  • Despite his nickname "The General", Douglas is in reality a Liutenant.