Houjo Kaneoto
Martial art(s) Mu Ryuu (no style)
Weapon(s) Tengoku
Other Information
Gender Male
Family Cordelia (daughter)
Shizuku (daughter)
Marleen (daughter)
Lelulia (daughter)
Veronica (granddaughter)
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 56

Houjo Kaneoto is a master swordsman and sword maker. He is of old age, and is believed to be from the Showa era. Because of his skill he is renowned as "The Last Samurai".


Houjo looks like an balding old man with a normal appearance. He has long white/gray hair on the sides and a goatee. Usually seen with a sword.


He is very fond of Japanese cuisine, and has grown a distaste to foreign instant noodles since leaving Japan. He is also protective of his family and shows admiration of Joukyuu's skill during their first encounter.


Houjo once carried a famous sword called Tengoku (heaven), before passing it on to Joukyuu Kunitoshi. During his fight with Joukyuu it is revealed that he is good at Iai (the art of drawing). His fighting-style is called Mu ryu (the style of nothing), because he is flexible with swords that use the katana as a basis. Besides the Tengoku, he also uses twin swords called Uran and Saran (right and left chaos). These two swords have a similar appearance to tonfa, with two blades going backwards and the handles at the middle.


Houjo is a famous swordsman from the Showa era. He has at least four daughters; Cordelia, Shizuku, Marleen and Lelulia, and one granddaughter; Veronica. A long time ago, he once trained Balboa for a single day.[1] With three of his daughters and Balboa, he fights alongside Joukyuu against Veronica and other members of a criminal organization in a foreign country. The fight is for a uranium mine, which it turns out no one knows the location of, because he tore up the final piece of the map to it and threw it away so that nobody would find the mine.


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