Joey the "X"
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Martial art(s) Kicking style
Weapon(s) Iron boots with blade extensions
Other Information
Gender Male
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 58
Joey the "X" (or simply Joey) is a member of Veronica's Group. Joey wears a mask like a wrestler with a small X on it. Joey's first appearance is in chapter 58 where he offers to go on a mission with Seleen Kujirai only to have his offer rejected. It wa hinted by seleen that Joey might be a pervert. Later he was forced to go on the mission by veronica. Taking multiple soldiers Joey and Seleen were ambushed by joukyuu.Joukyuu had taken out all the soldiers and . Then he fired apon both of them using a machine gun,while tossing a bomb . After the bomb Joey and Seleen fought against Kageyasu and Balboa. Joey then fought Balboa showing that he uses a kicking style that is augmented by his iron boots with blade like extensions. He was then defeated by joukyuu using the Raijin kick. His ultimate fate is unknown.